A Focus on Our Wonderful Staff

It is hard to pick who to spotlight as we are surrounded by dedicated, hard working people. Pictured below are Mary Ann, Valerie, Sara and Donna J. (pre-covid 19 and masks). Each have been with the firm for many years now, and have contributed mightily to helping our clients fight their way through litigation and disability issues. Mary Ann (administrative appeals) is known for her smile and wit, Valarie (legal assistant) for her energy, compassion and distinctive laugh (giggle), and Sara (bookkeeping) for her big eyes, work ethic, and family values (her mother also works in the office, 50 feet away). Donna J., who is pretty but not in the mood for a photo that day (see pic below), is lead staff in our litigation and long term disability departments. She is super organized, and truly admirable in so many different ways. She has been with the office for 35 years.

We cherish each member of our team and will introduce you to more of them in future mailings.
Photo of MaryAnn from Margolius, Margolius & Associates staff
Mary Ann
Photo of Valarie from Margolius, Margolius & Associates staff
Photo of Sara
Photo our attempt to get a picture of Donna
Donna J. (sort of)
Photo of Donna from Margolius, Margolius & Associates staff
Donna J

The Firm

Margolius, Margolius and Associates is comprised of attorneys and staff all dedicated to advocacy on behalf of its clientele. We are very proud of our team and know that you feel like you know many of them already. We can’t be neglectful of the fine work performed by each of our attorneys, Rigel Ariza, Michelle DeBaltzo, Emily Gilbert, Markus Lyytinen, Michelle McFarland, Paul Newendorp, Jennifer Regas Hanselman, and, of course, Marcia and Andrew Margolius.

Attorneys are available for consultation to discuss your legal matters, your case status, or new legal questions.

Offices are located in both Cleveland and Columbus Ohio.