The Social Security process has many roadblocks and is a cause of great frustration for many people. At Margolius, Margolius and Associates, we AGGRESSIVELY press for THE RIGHTS OF our clientéle. The focus on winning requires an understanding of both the law and our client’s unique situation. More than just a business, we are always mindful that time is of the essence, and we take the necessary efforts to speed up the process. Few, if any, firms in the country – particularly in Cleveland or Columbus – offer the combination of resourcefulness, experience, and winning methodology in advocating for Social Security clients. It is no small wonder that the firm’s partner, Marcia Margolius, is used as a lecturer to other attorneys and that her cases and track record are regularly cited in national publications.

Social Security itself is a federal government-run system that administers two separate maintenance programs: Retirement, Disability, and Health Insurance, which provides income and Medicare insurance for retired and disabled workers; and Supplemental Security Income, which is a federally supported program for any person who is disabled and has minimum income characteristics.

At Margolius, Margolius and Associates, we are very proud of the high rate of victories we achieve for our clients. While each case is treated individually, all clients benefit from the firm’s wealth of experience and knowledge in the field. Our years of experience are an invaluable tool in penetrating the layers of bureaucracy that hold up Social Security claims.

Margolius, Margolius and Associates’ reputation for compiling the appropriate and necessary evidence, using persuasive time chronologies, and making the key arguments for our clients is well known throughout Ohio and its adjoining states – and nationally. Judges often look forward to MM&A hearings precisely because of the evidentiary tools the firm uses and because of the dedicated, persuasive advocacy the firm is known for.

In contrast to other firms, Margolius, Margolius and Associates ensures policies exist that do not compromise one’s legal representation. No corners are cut: hearings are only taken by qualified and highly experienced attorneys. Moreover, Margolius, Margolius, and Associates is driven by a passion for the work they do. MM&A’s Ohio Social Security attorneys are not only qualified and well trained but they are also supported by the capable and dedicated staff of the firm. Further, Social Security hearings are all handled by in-house, fully trained attorneys – not “affiliated” attorneys or “paraprofessionals.”

Social Security law, while frustrating, can be broken down as follows. The types of Social Security claims recognized by the Social Security Administration are:

  • Childhood Disability
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Widow’s Disability
  • Worker’s Disability

Typically, disability refers to the inability to engage in “substantial gainful activity,” which itself is defined as earning more than $900 per month based on physical and/or mental impairment, age, education, and vocational background. Childhood disability follows a similar standard but evaluates age-appropriate activities and medical limitations. Individuals whose disability is under review with the threat of having their benefits terminated must show that they do not yet possess the medical capacities necessary to return to work.

Due to the way Social Security operates, many claimants have their initial disability applications and requests for reconsideration denied. An appeal must be filed within 60 days of any denial; if it is not, the entire process must begin again. The next step in the appeal process is a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, where a claimant has the right to present information regarding his or her disability. This is the stage at which most denied claims are reversed in favor of the claimant. If a claim is denied administratively, an applicant does have the right to a federal court review. This is an extremely important level of review because it marks the first time someone completely outside of the Social Security system evaluates a disability applicant’s case.

Margolius, Margolius and Associates regularly attends hearings and represents clients in Cleveland, Columbus, Mansfield, Pittsburgh, and other Social Security offices throughout the United States. Ohio cities such as Akron, Youngstown, Canton, and Lorain often have hearings in regional offices.

The Social Security offices in Cleveland, Ohio are located in the Tower City office complex at 1660 West 2nd Street (view map). The Social Security offices in Columbus, Ohio are located at 401 N. Front Street, Suite 400 (view map). Offices in other Ohio locations as well as in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana are conveniently accessible to the offices of Margolius, Margolius and Associates. Video conferencing is often available to expedite hearings and to allow claimants to assert and win their claims sooner.

If you need to talk to an Ohio Social Security attorney, contact us today.