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If you are looking for an attorney/law firm with expertise and true dedication to clients, look no further. Let the following letter, which I recently sent, serve as my review:"Dear Marcia Margolius & team,I was recently informed by Social Security that my claim has been accepted. I cannot thank you enough for your representation. Thanks to you and your firm, I am now able to receive the payments for which I qualify and which I desperately need. Once again, I am truly grateful to you and truly appreciate your help in ensuring the survival of disabled individuals such as myself.”

- Ray Smith

Excellent Law firm! I would use them again. Fast adamant in there work...Solved my case with in a couple of months!!!

- Denise Compton

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This is the second time I've contacted them for help and both times they've been just awesome.. if I ever need help again I know just who to call & at any given time I would refer them to anyone who needs legal help with the assurance that they will get them the help they'll need & without any hassle.

- Felicia Robinson

Andrew and his team provided excellent communication and service to me throughout my legal matter. He was able to help guide me and help me realize what is realistic and what is not while still fighting for what I believe is right for myself. I have never felt more comfortable in a legal matter and he always told me “you hired me and I work for you”. I would highly suggest him!

- Kaitlynn Heer

The Entire Margolius Family Work Very Hard For There Clients They Fight To Win Your Benefits Thanks So Much Margolius Family.

- Kim Aries

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My lawyer always kept me informed and kept in contact. Always there when I had questions. That's what makes this team a winner. It was a long process but worth it in the end! Give them a try you wont be disappointed. Thanks team! Keep it up!

- Amber

The service provided me was excellent, resulting in a successful disabilities claim, initially declined by SSA. The assigned staff was responsive, pleasant to work with, and provided clear guidance throughout the process (including adequate preparation for my hearing). I would highly recommend this firm to others seeking this service!

- Anonymous

In my opinion, Marcia Margolius is an INTERSTELLAR Attorney! Forgive the comparison, however, she was like a Pit Bull who grabbed Social Security by the leg and did not let go until she got results. She was compassionate and understanding towards my wife and I. She kept us informed every step of the way. Even when there was no news she told us and informed us of her latest filings and requests on our behalf. She didn't leave us out, not knowing what was happening. If I was hospitalized due to my disability she was right on the spot. She really is worth every penny you may have to pay to get your case heard and settled! We HIGHLY recommend her and are so happy we chose her. That, in fact, was a happy accident in itself. I saw an ad for her and their firm on TV on night. There was no screaming or yelling saying, "WE'LL MAKE THEM PAY!!!" kind of nonsense. The ad was quiet, respectful and allowed us to quietly talk about it ourselves. DO IT! Call her and her firm. You will not be disappointed. I certain of that.

- Rick

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