Our law firm has been relying on telephone and internet during the pandemic as a vital means of communication between client and attorney. We now have access to in-person meetings although many of you have voiced that telephone, zoom or skype communications are preferable. Our goal is to insure that we have clear, comfortable and convenient communications, and to give you choice. Let us know works best for you and your schedule. We are happy to accommodate in any way possible.

Please note our phone calls typically show our office number (216-621-2034). Sometimes, when working from home or over the weekend, our calls may appear from unknown or blocked numbers. We understand if you do not pick up one of these phone calls as there is so much spam-calling these days. However, we will leave a message, so please call us back, preferably during our working hours of 8am-6pm. After hours, a phone service is turned on. You may also email us at any time as well.