We at Margolius, Margolius and Associates are proud of our attorneys and staff. Our highly experienced attorneys are Rigel Ariza, Michelle DeBaltzo, Emily Gilbert, Markus Lyytinen, Michelle McFarland, Paul Newendorp, Jennifer Hanselman Regas, and, of course, Marcia and Andrew Margolius. Our staff and case workers are also highly valuable. They are Valarie, Valerie, Lisa, Angela, Sue, Denise, Tamika, MaryAnn, Sara, Nancy, Donna C. and Donna J. And our receptionist, Debbie, is the valuable conduit for all communications. We value them all. We have lead attorneys on your case but use a team approach. This team approach includes you, and we value your inut and insight. Please do get to know us, and feel free to call for updates or new information. We make sure our clients are prepared, we discuss procedures and we discuss new developments. It is all part of our job and our continuing duty to you, the client. Offices are located in both Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio; with service throughout the Ohio and mid-west region, Florida, Georgia, and elsewhere.